Karishma Shah (Ph.D)

Ms. Karishma Shah is an award-winning and leading Integrative Nutritionist from Mumbai. She is a trained Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. She has an extensive educational background in Clinical Nutrition, Ayurveda, and Spiritual-Mental Health. She holds a Ph.D. in Integrative Nutrition.

Coming from her deep-rooted experiences, her approach is multi-disciplinary and wholesome while working on your body, mind, and soul. This brings in a transformation within her clients with the intention of being sustainable and everlasting. Her personalized, goal-specific nutrition plans and holistic counseling has brought healing to the lives of thousands of patients struggling with hormonal and metabolic imbalances, weight, and lifestyle-related disorders, globally. She is also an exceptional public speaker offering nutrition and health education. She is also the host of her wellness podcast called Voice It With Karishma Shah which airs on all the leading global podcast channels.

Mr. Aayush Baheti

Advanced Diet and Nutrition Therapist, Advanced Fitness Trainer, Gut Health Therapist, & Longevity and Wellness Specialist

An athlete, boxer and runner, Aayush is pursuing his vision in longevity and wellness. Having finished international certifications in Advanced Diet and nutrition, Advanced fitness trainer and Gut health therapy, he is currently striving for international certifications in Sports nutrition and supplementation; Fasting; Stress and Anxiety management; and Hormonal Health.

Understanding the importance of individuality, his goal is to connect with each client to understand their vision, goals and lifestyle. After understanding each facet of a client’s lifestyle, Aayush creates mental, physical and social wellbeing plans keeping the client’s unique identity and lifestyle in mind. His vision and passion for longevity helps clients with weight loss, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle diseases and maintaining an active lifestyle that result in a meaningful long, healthy life.