Carefully crafted

Our range of supplements is thoughtfully curated with intention, precision, and formulation to target specific health concerns such as beauty, mood, metabolism, immunity, gut health, weight management, and more. Our goal is to create products that maximize effectiveness for the body by carefully selecting evidence-based ingredients. We go through extensive research to ensure every blend is packed for you in the right form to optimize each nutrient for easy absorption and digestion.

Science based

At Nourysh, each blend is crafted with immaculate attention and backed by scientific research. Choosing ingredients based on science helps us create blends that target various health goals and absorb the right nutrients that are easier for the body to absorb. Our team of formulation experts, nutritionists, and doctors backs everything we do.

Rigorous standards for quality, purity & safety

Every formulation in the Nourysh box has come into being after a series of stringent testing levels and scientific research.

Verified Clean Ingredients

Our ingredients have been independently tested and verified to ensure that they do not contain harmful contaminants or impurities, such as heavy metals, pesticides, or other harmful substances.

Clinically Tested Actives

Most of the active ingredients have been studied in clinical trials and shown to be effective for the intended use. Not just the end product, each ingredient in our formulations is approved in a GMP plant.

Triple Tested

Our blends undergo a comprehensive triple-testing process in the supply chain, which includes testing of the raw materials, mid-process testing during manufacturing, and finished product testing ensuring that the products meet exacting global specifications of quality and purity standards.

Third-Party Validated

Along with our in-house testing practices, we also use government-approved labs for the testing of our products.
We hold ourselves accountable to the highest certifications standards for our raw materials and finished products. You can easily find this on our website for complete transparency and trust in our products

Free from &
steer clear of the


Our formulations are free from what’s not good for your body. Our products are carefully formulated without the presence of benzoates, hydroxybenzoate, gluten, GMOs, MSG, refined sugars, tartrazine, or wheat to guarantee their high quality and adherence to specific dietary preferences or restrictions.

Our products exclude ingredients that are potentially harmful or fail to meet our safety and quality standards. We continuously strive to enhance our products by staying abreast of the most recent scientific findings.

Our labels never list the following substances:

Artificial Colors

Artificial Flavors


EDTA and derivatives


Artificial Preservatives

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Magnesium Silicate


Artificial Sweeteners

Heavy Metals

Titanium Dioxide

Pharmaceutical Glaze

We draw inspiration
from nature

Bringing in the bests of nature to your health. We understand nature's power, the incredible properties of natural ingredients used singularly, and the magic that happens to our wellness when combined with science. To harness this power, each potent ingredient is identified based on scientific evidence and purposefully chosen in optimal doses to target specific health goals.

We believe in the wealth of adaptogens, essential herbs, minerals, vitamins, and compounds. Our comprehensive approach combined with our synergistic formulations overcome the underlying causes of some of the common health issues.